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Adam Osterweil
pictures by Craig Smith

Two boys venture into the space/time continuum to rescue a prized first edition Superman comic —a rollicking fun tale results.

3rd annual Disney Adventures Book Awards winner (Adventure Category)
2002 The Best Children's Books of the Year (Nine to twelve) —Bank Street College of Education

“This lighthearted science fiction fantasy has plenty of quick action. The dialogue is crisp and natural with an abundance of middle school humor. There’s also a subtle message about responsibility and friendship.” —School Library Journal

“[This] might please Trio fans waiting for the next Scieszka/Smith installment. Pen-and-ink illustrations by Craig Smith capture the whirling dervish feeling that pervades the story.” —Booklist

“In addition to plenty of laughs and adventures, this novel features Mr. O, one of the most engaging teacher characters in fiction.” —Washington Parent

“Craig Smith’s pen and ink lend comic-book authenticity.” —Library Talk

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Twelve-year-old Brian will never forget the day, when he was seven, that he accidentally spilt a cup of punch on his father’s valuable copy of a Superman #1 comic book from 1939. He is certain that his cheerful, joking father secretly despises him for ruining this prized possession. Like his father, Brian collects comic books, so it is not surprising when Mr. Somerset, the owner of the General Store, gives one to Brian. What is surprising, however, is that the comic book is full of blank panels and that a metal ring falls into Brian’s lap. Brian thinks that there must be some kind of mistake.

Why would anyone want to buy a blank comic book? Paul, Brian’s best friend, activates the ring, sets the date to 75 million B.C., and then presses a button labeled “Timequest.” The boys suddenly find themselves in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean battling a prehistoric beast. This wet adventure becomes the first of many “Timequests” — both to the past and to the future.

During their travels, they escape from 1939 to find themselves in the prehistoric past where they get caught in a battle between a mastodon and a pack of dire wolves. They warp away just in time, but one problem leads to another. When they finally make their way back home they find that though they have been changed by their adventures, home is comfortably the same … or is it?

• The first chapter of The Comic Book Kid
The Comic Book Kid Teacher’s Guide

Jacket art © 2000 by Craig Smith
Jacket and book design by Helen Robinson

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